8 Benefits of the MSM Advantage

Using a Multiple-line Manufacturers Representative Agency is a more effective and efficient manner to go to market. Value-added services provided by Mann Sales & Marketing enhances the process of placing and distributing your products.

Why Mann Sales & Marketing?

Why choose Mann Sales & Marketing as your Rep Agency? There are a million reasons why but here are 8 that you need to know immediately. Please read on and judge for yourself why the multiple-line manufacturers’ representative method is the right system of selling that will work for your company…

Reason # 1 Selling Through Manufacturers’ Reps Is Very Effective

Multiple-line manufacturers’ representative organizations such as Mann Sales & Marketing, deliver more sales in a more effective and efficient manner than any other way of going to market. Today’s manufacturers’ representative firm, regardless of size, offers a comprehensive package of value-added services that enhances the manufacturer’s marketing process.

Reason # 2 Multiple-Line Selling Offers Value

When Mann Sales & Marketing represents your product, we present it as part of our “package.” This synergistic effect of multiple-line selling is the basic principle of the manufacturers’ representative function. If your product is new, it is introduced along with more established, accepted products that the distributor is already selling for our agency. Your product complements other products and is pushed simultaneously. This saves the distributor’s time while building your business with immediate results.

Reason # 3 Territory Knowledge & Position

When your company uses Mann Sales & Marketing you get a piece of real estate (a market) that is already being managed by our firm. We know the territory, its distributors and the end users. You benefit instantly from our three decades of sales history, relationships and current activities. Put simply, when you retain Mann Sales & Marketing we are selling your products TODAY! Of course, it is not quite as easy as that because all effective selling requires training. Ultimately an experienced manufacturers’ representative firm is less costly to train and comes up to speed faster. You get “feet on the street” instantly, at a substantially lower cost.

Reason # 4 Mann Sales & Marketing Provides Support

We offer hands-on technical support to both the end user and our distribution partners, and we provide effective solutions for difficult manufacturing processes. Distributors and end users rely on us to provide hands on training and to give the user the assurance that they have purchased the correct items for their applications and knowledge to use that item with the utmost efficiency.

Reason # 5 Reps Are An Extension Of Your Marketing Department

The manufacturers’ representative is a salesperson but also a vital part of your marketing department. Mann Sales & Marketing will provide essential marketing intelligence and feedback to your firm. Multiple-line exposure provides us with a unique perspective on the market. Your company immediately benefits from our knowledge and familiarity of our customers and end users. Many manufacturers seek out key personnel of manufacturers’ representative organizations to serve on advisory “rep councils” as consultants to management. This unique input has produced remarkable results for many companies.

Reason # 6 Long Term Stability

Manufacturers’ representatives are entrepreneurial and the representative firm is a structured entity. Today, the average representative firm has been in business for 18 years. Mann Sales & Marketing is invested greatly in our business, reputation and region. With over three decades committed to working in the Industrial Sector we are here to stay. In fact, our biggest asset is our customer base and our solid industrial relationships. Your company gets the immediate benefit of our investment, commitment and years of achievements.

Reason # 7 Representatives Invest In Their Territories

Mann Sales & Marketing hires and trains only the most qualified staff. We have the advantage of multiple lines and can afford more training investment because it is split among multiple sources of income. Today’s manufacturers’ representative firm invests over 62% of all income in personnel. We hire technically qualified, goal oriented, strongly motivated individuals to represent your company. We invest time and money to build a future for your company and ours.

Reason # 8 Control Your Expenses While Gaining Immediate Experience

Did you know that the travel expenses of a direct salesperson can be as high as his or her salary? Just their phone expenses alone can be staggering. Therefore, the most obvious advantage to contracting Mann Sales & Marketing to sell your products or services is that you won’t be incurring the expense of maintaining a sales force, their benefits package, company vehicle, expense accounts, etc. In addition, Mann’s representatives tend to be very experienced and successful. Why? The reason is because Mann’s representatives have proven track records of long and successful career backgrounds that include sales experience and training with large, national firms or corporations.